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Paradise London secure creative collaboration with Roughtcut and BBC3 for new Life Lesson's comedy ‘Chinese Burn’


Paradise London collaborated with the production team and Roughcut to create stylised and contemporary animation content for the new cutting edge comedy.

Chinese Burn is one of BBC Three’s new Comedy Slices, written by new writing talent Yennis Cheung and Shin-Fei Chen.

Our approach


Paradise London’s digital animation team were brought in to create a range of branded transition animations to help narrate the sketchES. This involved hand drawn emoji’s, animated assets relevant to each sketch and stylised text/font work to help label each section - setting the scene for the characters to decipher how you ’SHOULDN’T’ pull a Chinese Girl.

Paradise London’s Head of Digital, Dan Brookes comments "It was great fun creating these almost tongue-in-cheek animation slides, the goal was always to find something that added and enhanced the comedic nature of what the girls were doing on camera, and to help each scene flow naturally into the next."