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HedKandi is a UK-based record label, events and music brand owned by the Ministry of Sound Group.


Paradise London assisted with the design, styling, positioning and production of their innovative new merchandise range

Products showcased around clubs and festivals in the UK, Ibiza & the rest of Europe.

Our Approach


With music, dance and summer vibes fusing together under the Hed Kandi brand, we felt that the merchandise had to still had to bring the glitz, glamour and extravagance their brand to life. Supplying events and engaging crowds from Dublin to Dubai, and gathering momentum with the arrival of events like Ocean Beach Es Paradis in Ibiza, our efforts were geared towards sustaining that true dance powerhouse feel with shades, hand fans, beach balls and T-shirts to keep the brand in focus and guests thriving

Launched in the UK but showcased all over europe, Hedkandi is famous for its promotional merchandise scene