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Paradise partnered with Attractions Ticket & Disney to produce a range of consumer accessories to run alongside their package holidays with the idea to create a branded & streamlined experience.

Concept & Design

We were tasked with conceptualising and creating a range of products that would have a functional use in and around the amusement parks. As Disney park visitors are of a family demographic, we tailored our products for children, by adding bright imagery & interactive boxes to enhance the whole experience.


Working closely with our global supply network, we supply our in-house designs to the operations team to be produced into drawings for each mould. The CAD's are then supplied to Yamaha for approval before mass production starts.

Supply Chain/ Distribution

Our supply chain network stretches globally. From working with some of the world's biggest brands, we ensure all the raw materials used to meet quality standards. We co-ordinate with factories to work on timelines from initial materials to the sampling and manufacture stages. Timings are a priority and communication with factories and our logistics partners are crucial to meet our client's deadlines. Our shipping team works closely with our logistics network able to ship to over 200 countries.