Autosport International is Europe's best motorsport show connecting motorsport experts and enthusiasts to the world of automotive.

We were commissioned as creative lead on the shows 2020 rebrand. An important milestone for ASI due to their highly anticipated 70 Year Anniversary at the NEC, Birmingham.

Our Approach

Our senior brand team presented three key artworks, segmenting the brand into 3 core target groups: Autosport International, Performance & Tuning and Autosport Engineering. Our aim was for each artwork to visualise a contrast between cars, demographic and attendee, whilst all being centred around highlighting the development of Autosport International over the past 70 years. Each of the initial concepts presented a transformation and was used to target each demographic.

The Result

The rebrand translated across a wide range of deliverables, both printed and digital. The creative was well received by the ASI team and present on multiple assets across the event. ASI attracts over 90,000 visitors each year and we are particularly proud to have played a role in this years creative output.


Creatively, the thought process was to build a graphic asset that utilised multiple motor parts from over time. Research was built around older car models through to present day - especially the more technical models that would align with the PCT audience. Having a graphic built around multiple parts meant we could change the aesthetic based on audience, type of marketing use and also scale accordingly for various output requirements.