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BMGPM are a globally recognised music company - representing over 2.5 million songs and recordings across 12 core markets and thousands of artists and songwriters.


Following the BMGPM 2019 rebrand; Paradise London were commissioned to concept, create, design and produce a brand video to support the global rollout. The content supports the updated brand identity and markets BMGPM's extensive range of services across social and brand activations worldwide.



“This was a fantastic collaboration for us” states PLDN Creative Director Nick Jekyll. “We were falling slightly into the trap of being known as purely a ‘content/production’ agency given the amount of shoots that happened in Q1, but our heritage and values are always derived from design, branding and that core identity.”

So when the opportunity arose to work on a content piece crying out for an animation/video hybrid and a real push on creative all housed around ‘brand’ and establishing that new identity - PLDN jumped at the chance.

“We pulled out all of the brand assets, fonts, iconography, shapes and styles and animated them into the video” states PLDN Head of Digital Dan Brookes. “It was about mixing live footage and a script in with as much brand work as possible but making it all fit together.”

The result is a punch 1.10 video for outward marketing, a single minute long version for the instagram native world and bitesize social cuts allowing the team to focus on individual services and areas offered by the business.

"The film has been really well received and is the perfect kick-off for the new brand!” Sam Delves, Manager Global Marketing, BMGPM

“I LOVE the rebrand video. Something I for one am really proud of.”Sinéad Hartmann, VP, BMGPM US

"Paradise London's creative team continue to put more pins in our global map we are proud that this project will champion our friends at BMGPM across the world."Richard Staplehurst, Head of Stategy, PLDN

“We wanted to create something that took the viewer into the hidden world behind the BMGPM magic. It was almost a journey through the process.” Nick Jekyll, Creative Director, PLDN



Forming part of the BMGPM global rebrand, the agency created several translated versions for the German, Dutch and French markets.



“The idea was to create a piece of content based around an animated world, but we were keen to not forget the importance of live musicianship, the people behind the productions and the realism that’s of key importance to BMGPM” states Head of Video Nicky Cook.

All footage was shot between London and Los Angeles covering real drums, members of the US team and behind the scenes studio visuals to give the content light and shade between the animation.

“It was about finding a balance between the animation elements and the actual video footage” says PLDN Creative Director Nick Jekyll. “These were the biggest hurdles within the project, especially when we were looking to deliver an edit no longer than 60 seconds.”



An insight into how Paradise London created the animated BMGPM world that opens the video.