One of London's most established property development and aviation company Dominvs Group, commission Paradise for 2019 rebrand.

As an already well-established company, we were asked to create a more current, contemporary rebrand to launch Dominvs Group into 2020. Dominvs Group has a demographic of elite businesses and individuals, therefore it was crucial for our brand to reflect their professionalism and experience, whilst bringing style and modernity. As one of our more corporate clients, we were tasked with building a brand, collateral and website that feels corporate attracts a wide demographic of clients and promotes Dominvs Group as an innovative and current company.

Our Approach

Dominvs Group builds large scale hotels, commercial and residential properties and they have recently begun a new venture in aviation with their private planes. As an already well-established company, this was an exciting opportunity for us to create a modernised, stylish brand. Understanding the elite demographic Dominvs Group work with, we set out to build a professional-looking brand that reflected the reliability and experience of the company. Our process began by dividing Dominvs Group into three sub-groups: Hotels, Residential and Aviation. For each subsection, we designed a different logo and assigned a colour palette to differentiate them from one another. For our core brand Dominvs Group, we used a mid-navy blue, blue presents trust, integrity, efficiency, as well as communication as logic. In general, blue is associated with many well-established corporations to create a calm and trusted tone. For Residential we use a mid-grey, maintaining a corporate feel and referring to industrial builds. For Hotels, we use a lighter blue, which creates a warmer, more hospitable tone. And for Aviation, we chose a pale blue inspired by the sky. As a palette, the colours nicely complement each other, providing shades of light and dark, each colour can be paired without a clash. Overall, this is an effective way of dividing the brand into its sub-sections and proved successful in providing clarity and differentiation when demonstrated throughout the website and collateral.

The Logo

For this rebrand we designed four logos. A core Domninvs Group logo, to be accompanied by sub-group logos for Hotels, Residential and Aviation. For the core brand logo we designed a solid, traditional looking Dominvs Group logo which we used in conjunction with a clean modern typeface to maintain the history and extensive experience of Dominvs Group whilst rocketing them into 2020. Because both the Hotels and Residential sub-groups are property related, we continued the use core logo for each of these logos for continuity throughout the brand.

The Website

As a London based company, it was important to our client that their collateral and website placed them at the centre of one of the most prevalent cities in the world for both historical and newly-built property. Photography of London is featured heavily throughout the brand, adding an element of grandeur and elitism. The website had a vast amount of content so we had a challenge designing the layout for this in a clean and user-friendly way. To do this we worked extensively on the structure of the website, ensuring clear pathways to information. The website is heavily branded throughout, with strong use of the Dominvs blue and stylised typography.


We wanted the Dominvs Group brochure to feel like a stylish coffee table book. With such a large body of work, It was important that their brochure served not only as informative brochure but also an aesthetically pleasing portfolio. For this reason we made the brochure square and used large, stylised typography throughout, with a design that mirrored the Dominvs website. The brochure features beautiful imagery of London throughout, which nicely compliements images of Dominvs' existing projects. We use white space and clean lines to create a really slick modern look.