Mane n tail logo

Mane 'n' Tail is a series of health products for humans and horses. The product range includes shampoos, conditioners, spray treatments and conditioning creams.


Paradise London were appointed lead creative agency for their 2018 re-brand. The task was to maintain elements of the brands heritage whilst breathing new life into their printed and digital collateral.

Our Approach


Our team cast new faces for the campaign and took to a large farm in Sussex to re-shoot the campaign visuals. "Our aim was to keep that wild, free and adventurous tone that’s been lost with the current branding. We still wanted to maintain beauty and style but in a more organic and ‘out-door’ placement” stated Senior Lead Creative Emma Charlton.

Output leant itself to large format print visuals across multiple magazines internationally, as well as social cuts and snippets to support the roll-out. We kept the container styling at the bottom of the adverts to ensure we had space for supplier dual branding whilst allowing our models (and most namely the hair) to take prominence in the top section of the artwork.

“We had a lot of fun on shoot. We wanted to keep it as natural as possible and ensure the whole mood of the campaign didn’t feel too posed.”Nicky Cook, Head of Video

“Both Kirsty and Louise were fantastic on shoot and I think suit the campaign styling perfectly”Nick Jekyll, Creative Director