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Max Whitlock is the most successful british male artistic gymnast in history. his work with british lion eggs to help promote a healthy and agile diet is one of our favourite campaigns to date.


Paradise London’s content team worked with both max and nexus pr to create a range of content that brings forward max’s personality and delivers a wholesome message regarding healthy eating whilst leading a busy lifestyle.

Our Approach


Our main aim here was to bring Max’s personality to the forefront of the videos. We wanted to create something fun, engaging and full of personality - but with a continuous thread that pushes the message of healthy eating. Max Whitlock was fantastic on camera, delivering his powerful range of moves for the ‘Egg’s on the Move’ content and narrating his way through healthy egg options as they fly on to the screen in ‘Talks Eggs’. We kept the production clean, and used motion tracking animation to bring the videos to life.