Facebook launch artist music videos through Facebook Watch

Announced last week, Facebook will add a new Music destination within Facebook Watch. The changes, which will go into effect starting this weekend and will allow Facebook users to discover, watch and share music videos starting from a wide range of artists, including Anitta, Blake Shelton, Bob Marley, Diplo, Elton John, Jonas Brothers, Josh Groban, Keith Urban, Maren Morris, Marvin Gaye, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj.

Over the past 3 months Facebook has gained 100 Million new users and made 11% revenue growth. We can say that Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t been sitting still. Facebook has unleashed loads of officially licensed music videos in the U.S. which started last weekend.

The new update to the platform will allow the user to filter by genre, artist name or mood, or across themed playlists like “Hip Hop MVPs,” “Trailblazers of Pop,” “Epic Dance Videos” or more timely playlists like “Popular This Week” and “New This Week.”

Similar to most SM platforms, engagement is key. Likes, shares and comments will be the best way to go with the algorithm to get the most exposure with Facebook’s own featured videos taking a high priority on the platform.

They’ve already said that there will be some exclusive music video content from J. Balvin, Karol G, as well as a premiere of the official music video from Lele Pons who became a famous influencer & singer through Vine and now has a mass following on all other social media platforms.

We see this as a direct challenge towards YouTube & Vevo, who have controlled the music-video space for years with around 25% of all native content on youtube being music related.

The Facebook U.S. launch is enabled by Facebook’s licensing deals with top music companies – Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Merlin, BMG, Kobalt and other independents.

We’re looking forward to seeing what other features Facebook will come up with to help music lovers share, discover and connect with Artists worldwide..