Paradise Agency Expand Business Development Team

INTRODUCING Mikey Farquhar

“I’m really happy to have Mikey on board. I think he’s a great fit and we’re really excited to see what new relationships he brings into Paradise Agency HQ.”


“Growing our business development team is a key part of the on-going strategy for Paradise & Mikey will be a key part of that. As we grow in size and and account wins, we also grow in exposure and reputation. As Head of Strategy it’s a very exciting time..”

Richard Staplehurst, Head of Strategy

Paradise’s business development team are a creative collective who look after new business relationships. They are responsible for account wins from the likes of #MinistryofSound, #Coalition, #TheTelegraph, #JackWills and #ReedRecruitment to name but a few. Our business development team are an ever-growing collective of like minded creatives and strategists responsible for the direction of the business and engagement with new projects and campaigns.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Paradise, fancy a coffee with one of the team or want to drop Mikey a quick note regarding his first week at the agency, then please do send an email this way: