Paradise Whiskey Lounge

It’s cosy, warm, low-lit and most importantly full of creative wizards – the Paradise Whisky Lounge.

We’re extremely pleased to open the doors to our new chill-out and casual meeting space at our London Holborn offices. The Paradise Whisky lounge is where all of our brightest ideas and most rewarding collaborations are born. It’s the room where we developed our full brand campaign for, where we first met our friends at AIM, where we watched our final animations and video content for Bentley and also where you may find one of the design team asleep after a 4am finish the day after deadline day.

The walls are packed with our latest achievements and more importantly our team outings and occasions, our 4K television setup and guitars are there for ‘on-the-go’ inspiration and a ‘not so subtle’ open-able wooden globe is continually stocked with our Whisky of the Week for the Don Draper moments that happen more regularly than you may think.

For more information about the work that Paradise do, to book a consultation with our creative team or to pop in for a Jack on the Rock’s – drop us a line on 0207 887 2995 or email us at