Paradise Picks – Movie and TV show recommendations.

Picking a new show or movie on Netflix, HBO, Hayu, BBC or any other platform can feel a bit like shopping at a massive supermarket with only the broadest of overhead signs to guide you: disorienting, increasingly frustrating, and perhaps more trouble than it’s worth when all you’re really after are eggs and milk (or simply some toilet paper).

But during these COVID-19 times, all of us are wisely staying home and self-isolating, leaving plenty of spare time to find the perfect mid-pandemic entertainment. We at Paradise are here to make that difficult quest a little bit easier by giving you our favourite TV-shows/movies at the moment.

Levon GharibianChernobyl

“Hi, I’m Levon Gharibian, and my top pick for this weekend would be the TV series, Chernobyl. I watched this TV show last year when it came out in 2019 and I honestly thought that it was the best TV series for the entire year. I thought it was absolutely amazing if you’re into historical, factual TV series and they just managed to create so much drama, I think it’s definitely in the thriller category as well. This is definitely one for you to watch if you haven’t already!”

Amber van de SandeKilling Eve

“Hi guys. It’s Amber from Paradise Agency. This weekend I’ll be watching Killing Eve. I was going to say Tiger King, but everyone probably already watched that one. Killing Eve though is an amazing TV show. If you like murder, if you like things that are funny, this is the one for you. It’s about Eve who’s an MI5 agent, chasing Villanelle who is an assassin and gets paid to murder people. That’s what an assassin is. But it’s really dark. It’s really funny. Definitely recommend it. And this is season three that is out now. So you’ve got two seasons to watch if you haven’t watched it already. But yeah, make sure to watch it. This one is definitely one of my favourite TV shows ever.”

Ashleigh Giesler – Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip

“Hey, I’m Ash, and this weekend I’m going to be watching Gordon, Gino and Fred’s road trip. They do a road trip around America, eat loads of good food. I think like everyone else I’m spending my quarantine eating. So maybe I’ll learn some new dishes.”

Nick Jekyll – The Crown

“Hey guys, I’m Nick. The TV show I’m currently binge-watching is The Crown, in particular season three. It’s all-round amazing. The acting’s amazing, cinematography is amazing. It’s just really well put together and I felt perhaps quite an appropriate time to remind ourselves of some of the diversity our country’s been through. And some of the harder times we’ve overcome. It’s a real trip down memory lane. So yes, The Crown, enjoy!”

Martin Dunn – Better Call Saul

“Hello, my name is Martin Dunn at Paradise London, and this weekend I’m going to be playing catch up on a couple of episodes of Better Call Saul for anyone that’s been living under a rock is the prequel to the Breaking Bad series by Peter Golden, Vince Gilligan. Those guys, they’ve got a perfect mix story creators, the cinematography, anything from those guys is great to secretly admire. And it’s really cool to see what is a humanistic approach to, to Saul Goodman. Saul is a dodgy, totally lawyer in Breaking Bad days? You see the humanistic side of, of Jimmy McGill as he’s known. So, yeah, I’m gonna reply and catch up on that. I am currently on season five.”

Nicky Cook – Unorthodox

“I’m Nicky Cook and this weekend I’ll be watching Unorthodox. Yeah. Going to be watching that. Looks like a Cracker. (I’m not really, I’ve seen it. It’s really good). It’s all about a Siddiq Jewish girl in Brooklyn, arranged marriage and she has enough. Then she goes over to Deutschland and finds a little bit of love, and it all goes lovely, lovely, lovely. Then her husband comes to chase it down with a fixer man and it all could go wrong, and it’s kind of loosely based on a true story. It might not seem like a strapping lad like myself would love this emotional journey. I mean, I didn’t cry. Someone like me, you probably just get glazed eyes, like don’t blink cause the little tear will fall down, so you’re just like “No darling. No, I’m all right.” IMDB, 8.2 out of 10 and 93% from rotten tomatoes. Saturday evenings wedding truly done.”