PLDN Talks – Ashlee Carlile – Growth & Support as an Entrepreneur

Welcome to PLDN Talks! As we all know, Coronavirus has got a huge chunk of our industry working from home and as creatives. We launched PLDN Talks as a support platform during the outbreak. Daily, bitesize educational content from creative minds all over the world to keep our community inspired. 

Hiya, my name’s Ashlee and I’m an entrepreneur working across industries such as technology and mental health and the creative industries. So Coronavirus as well and truly hit. And if you’re anything like me, what do we do about it and where do we go from here? So I just wanted to give you four really quick tips about what is helping me through this time and what I’m doing.

Whilst looking at the businesses that I’m involved with. Point number one, pivoting. I’m currently sitting down with the teams and the people that I work with and talking about how and what strategies we need to create to redirect essentially what it is that we’re doing and delivering. Um, and how do we best meet the people’s need at this point in time.

Pivoting is really simple. It doesn’t have to be about desperation. But this time has allowed me, and I hope would allow you to sit back and think about how can I pivot and what decisions and directions can I make and can I change to meet the need of the people at these moments? Point number three. Hang on.

It could be too, I’m trying to pay attention to what my customers or the people that I’m working with are telling me like to take the time to understand at this point in time, what is it that their needs are, what is it that their pain points are? Where is it that they feel they’re not being communicated or supported?

Um, you know, what do they need from me right now and how can I take advantage of technology. Do our pricing structures need to change? How could we be using and engaging people in social media? There are lots of different things. I think if we took the time out to think about what they’re actually needing and would help us to then pivot our strategy to make the new direction that things seem to be heading in. Point number four, focusing on your strengths.

We’re really taking a look at our team and looking at what strengths we individually have. There’s a metaphor called clouds and dirt. Um, and basically it’s that the clouds are the overall vision, that understanding of the high strategy, high-end beliefs, the principles, and the dirt is the day to day work and the nitty-gritty. A lot of the time when crises hit, our immediate response is to dig into the dirt, throwing ourselves into the day to day and putting out the fires. But what if there are other people that can support you or other people who are stronger potentially at what it is that needs to happen and putting out the fires, you know, definitely is critical for sure but one point, just don’t forget to lift your head up occasionally and look at actually where you want to go. And last but not least, and I think this is the biggest one, don’t be afraid to change. Changing position on what you’re delivering can seem scary. But it’s also so much of the time where the magic happens.

Making adjustments can improve the company’s position. It can improve your position longterm, even if the change is really minimal. So don’t be afraid to change. Use this time to look at what it is, how you can be using technology, how you can be using social media. Don’t be afraid to change because. Let’s be honest, we’re all in this same situation.

The unknown is scary, but it also has the potential to increase our growth, increase our revenues, and increase us as entrepreneurs or people in whatever industry it is that we come from. That’s it from me. Peace out. p.s I realized that was five points and you’ve got this!

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