PLDN Talks – Karim Setta – ‘The journey to becoming an entrepreneur’


Good morning world. Good morning, Paradise London. Thank you guys for letting me share my story about my road to being an entrepreneur and how I’m handling the current situation with our Corona crisis. So I’m just going to introduce myself shortly so you guys have an idea about who I am, what I’m doing.

So basically I’m a, I’m a self-made entrepreneur, Fitpreneur, whatever you want to call it and I’m in the business of health, so I help people with their results regarding losing weight, gaining weight, living the best life, you know and also business coaching and personal training. So basically there are three business types that I’m doing, and I just love doing it.

I started as a student. I was already, at age 17, I was already doing followups of customers with their nutrition because I was so into it. And I finished my school and I was doing, mechanical techniques, techniques, whatever you want to call it. And I didn’t like it at all, so I started thinking I was doing top sports back then.

I was really interested in sports. I was into nutrition. So I started thinking, why don’t I just follow my passion. And I did, I started with my own business at age 18. It was nothing special, you know. I was working at the gym, part-time and had a small office over there, which I could use, to help my customers.

But the same thing, I was working for a boss and didn’t really match.  so I started thinking, okay. What if my boss is paying me right now was back then, was 840 euros and then I started thinking, what if I do my personal training because I was a trainer in a gym? If I do personal training, what how much?

How many hours do I need to invest in order to have the same income? And I did the maths. I was like, Whoa, I’m stupid. If I would be doing 20 hours of personal training, my income would be like times five. So I was like, okay, I need to mix it. Because I was already doing nutrition. I had, I had some income there.

Even my income of nutrition coaching back then was higher than my income with working part-time. So I made a decision there to do not work for a boss. And, I ended up, like just no boss from me. 2016 my colleagues had an office. I started working there and in 2018 we started our own first office.

It was really awesome. It was in Antwerp yeah. What’s so amazing to have for your first accomplishment as an entrepreneur? Like having your own office was amazing. I was renting a space from, people I know. For personal training and like, we made deals and okay, you can do this and you count to that, and okay, that was also fine, but in the end, I really just wanted my own thing.

And. Which I just started searching. I was just searching for, for a new place. Like, ah, when’s the new beginning again? Because it’s always so exciting when you start something new. You always get this feeling of, yeah, I want this. I need this okay. So in the entry finds, it’s a really cool space. And making my own personal trading room.

We’ve got a huge office over there now, working with over 20 people in our office. It’s not just my team, it’s, it’s a mix of, different peoples teams. But we all work together. We cooperate. We do brunches, we do follow-ups. So with our customers, we do sports. We do training, group training.

It’s such a nice vibe that we’re getting. We just want to like make feel like. Let people feel that living a healthy lifestyle is not that hard, and it doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to always sell it with some, with some chicken and rice, you know, we just want to change the behaviour of people and yeah, that’s, that’s, that’s how we got started.

And to be honest I’m really happy that I’m a stubborn person, because if I wouldn’t have been so stubborn and I’ve always listened to what people around me would say, my own family. Let’s see. Yeah, they should study. Come on. You will insure yourself. It’s like currently, we’re living in a world where nobody can work.

A lot of companies are shut down because of COVID 19 what if I would have listened to them. Might not have a job. And now we were forced as being an entrepreneur to bring our business online. And so we did. It was this because our business was built basically, online and offline at the same time. But doing a followup online or doing it offline is the same thing.

And to actually even save time doing it online. Because when you’re, when you’re interacting, you’re having a drink. Okay. It’s, it’s nicer, but it takes more time. And so it’s time efficiently, we really made some, some big steps. , and, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s just, it’s just nice to have a choice.

You know, a lot of people don’t have a choice. Some people have to work. Even though they’re in danger. Let’s think about our front liners. and other people, they want to work, but they can’t. They have to stay at home. So it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a cruel thing right now. So we really shouldn’t be aware of, is this what you are doing right now?

This is the right thing. Does it feel right? Do you see yourself doing it in 10 years? Like search or why? Why are you doing what you’re doing? And it will give you a lot of answers, to be honest. So I know I’ve been just mumbling around and like wanted to make it short and I wanted to say so many things, but basically you just have to put it in practice.

You just have to do it. Stop thinking. Stop overthinking, especially overthinking because overthinking doesn’t bring any solutions and start listening to yourself. Listen to your gut feeling and not to what your parents or your friends say. Listen to the people who already showed the way. People who already did it.

Sorry, are people who already have what you want to have. I’m not talking about material things but I’m talking about accomplishments. So this was my PLDN talk. I’m really glad that I was invited to share my story and thank you guys for watching.

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