PLDN TALKS – Talia Levine – ‘4 Tips during quarantine’

Hey, I’m Talia, I’m the commercial director at Broadcast, and I’m going to give you four of my tips of how I’m keeping sane during this period. So the first is to adapt. Be okay with change. This is totally out of your control or anybody else’s control right now. All of those plans that you have made. Know, that it’s okay to change them and this is the time you have the time to do that. 

My second tip is to be a bright advocate. So at this moment in time, your clients and prospects are going to internally be trying to sort themselves out. This is your opportunity to really get in touch with them, find out where they’re at and know that they might not spend time with you now, but they might spend with you in six months and they’ll remember the fact that you’ve got in touch with them. 

The third thing is this is an opportunity to be creative. Whether or not that’s on an individual basis or with your team. This is a great opportunity to use something like Microsoft Teams or Zoom or whatever it is and have a big, brainstorming opportunity all of those ideas that all of you have discussed in [00:01:00] those meetings where you then say, we’re going to take this offline. 

This is the opportunity to do that now. And my fourth, I’m just gonna get my key card. Keep in touch. And that is with colleagues, clients, prospects, friends, family, other people in the industry. It’s really good to be using our voices right now. Um, and also as well, using social media as a platform for our brands and our businesses to see what people are doing in the moment now. 

Then that’s it from me. So I’m just gonna sit here. Drinking my coffee. Also, definitely wearing tracksuit bottoms.