Paradise London joins forces with Ogilvy & Effusion, in a collaboration with British Stammering Association.

Paradise London joins forces with Ogilvy, and Effusion in a unique agency collaboration working with British Stammering Association ahead of the up and coming rebrand launch in early 2019.

Paradise London will design the front end website creative incorporating Oglviy’s brand new suit off assets which include; OOH messaging, print and digital marketing assets and a fresh new logo.

“This exciting partnership comes after a long time of myself and Jane (CEO of Stammering Association) working together back when she was CEO of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). One of PLDN strategic target this year was to work more closely with charitable organisations. Along with our work with The London Irish Centre) – which showcased our video production, this front end rebrand for the organisations website, will showcase our fantastic creative team. I am very pleased and proud to be working with Jane on another great project.” – Rich Staplehurst, Head of Strategy, PLDN.

The website will be used a s a community hub, with user generated content, information for those effected by stammering, and highlight positive news around the organisations work.

Jane Powell quote “The British Stammering Association are very excited to be working with Paradise on designs for their new website”.
This project will also be one of the first to include our senior creative designer Ashleigh Giesler as she joined the PLDN family this month.

“We are proud to be working with Jane and the team in creating a welcoming and engaging website. The BSA has built a friendly community not only for those who stammer, but for those who want to gain a better understanding of this condition. Our wish is to create a website that educates viewers and provides easy access to help if they need it. The websites colourful and interactive design with the build of Effusion reflects the positive attitude with which the rebrand sets out to achieve.”.

Information can currently be found here.