“Winter is coming!” … I think a few brands and party people over in Ibiza might disagree Jon Snow.

As an army of clubbing veterans return home, begrudgingly unpack their suitcases, they reminisce about how the sunset was perfectly soundtracked by Ministry of Sound. The best experience of their life … from what they can remember of it anyway. NickMartin and I are heading over to Ibiza to meet with some of our summer clients and we would love to meet up with you… From Brand Creative, Design, Marketing and Merchandise. We know it has been a busy summer of brand campaigns and activations.

We’ve seen them, We’ve engaged with them and we’ve helped bring a fair few of them to life! Marketing, brand, content, event and merchandise teams breathe a sigh of relief. The lanyard from the VIP bar, the wristband from the boat party or branded Hed Kandi sunglasses, or the T-Shirt they won at freshers ball will become a constant reminder of their holiday, freshers week, a weekend away, their festivals! Their new best friends- will be tagging and sharing as if their lives depended on it across Insta and FB. Their holiday romance, who will (having returned back to normality) follow back on Insta or FB … Hopefully.

For them, a brand association will always be a positive reminder – an attribute of any successful marketing campaign or activation. Naturally, with so many brand activations kicking off across the UK all year round- from festivals to freshers week, Christmas, ski season and then abroad again it seems the natural place for inflatable beach balls and branded sunglasses to end up in peoples suitcases in the coming weeks.

Connecting branded material to content, digital and print assets are (in my mind) a natural fit for the customer/consumer experience. We know this, you know this.

The groups of sunshine ravers on the beach, in the field and in the clubs know this. So as we head out on Thursday to catch the last of the summer sun, we hope to see you out there and if not we hope to catch up with you when we get back. As our attention turns to woolly hats, gloves socks and hand warmers ready for winter!