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Building global passion based communities


Establishing Bikeslice, the world’s first dedicated brand community platform for riding bikes.

Bikeslice are looking to establish themselves as the number one user-generated content community for the cycling world. They're building a network of communities across Facebook and Instagram, as well as launching their own community app.

Building the community to over 600,000 engaged cyclists

By leveraging a combination of gamification with user-generated content, we helped establish a network of communities catering to each niche and discipline within the sport.

Creating some of the most active online cycling communities in the UK

Facebook is an ever changing platform that has hugely favoured Groups over the past couple of years, so we added another dimension to the UGC strategy, pushing two-way discussions between members.

Pushing over 6,000 new members signups and downloads of the mobile app.

Bikeslice launched their own dedicated community mobile app on iOS and Android. We created a strategy to promote the app across existing socials, driving the first wave of new signups and downloads.

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