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Pepsico x Pipers Crisps

Building hype for luxury crisps.


Creating a memorable and emotional connection with consumers.

In an increasingly challenging and crowded market, it's important to connect with consumers in ways that make them invest in your brand emotionally.

We aligned this with what's important to Pipers as a brand; the partners, the quality and the taste.

Our five week strategy

Firstly, we made sure our creative focus aligned with Pipers' core values: partners, provenance and being proud. Then we set about building original creatives and illustrations to suit, ensuring we were able to communicate and engage with the existing audience accordingly. In order to reach a wider target audience, we amplified the message through an underlying paid campaign, allowing us to further build the community.

Delivering the Pipers provenance message and growing the community by 18%

We hit the initial goal of pushing the Pipers provenance message out to 500,000 highly targeted people after just 2 weeks, so we doubled the goal to 1 million people, which was then achieved just 2 weeks later. We also set out to grow the community too through an incentivised competition, which results in 18% organic community growth over the 5 week campaign.

1.3 Million Reach

We designed, created and posted out a suite of 91 assets across the campaign, generating over 1.7 million campaign impressions.

45,000 Engagements

Whilst the content was viewed several million times, over 40,000 people chose to engage with the content.

Changing consumer’s buying behaviour and awareness around luxury crisps.

Making it this far would suggest you enjoyed our work.

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