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A day for true digital Easter eggs with Matter AR


In today's digital world, innovative marketing strategies are a must to engage customers and boost brand loyalty. Use cases of AR have been around for a while but none so intuitive or easy to build yourself as this.

We partnered with our friends at Hot Dark Matter to create a virtual AR Easter egg hunt in Covent Garden for the Paradise team. The app allowed participants to explore the area and uncover hidden digital Easter eggs that could be redeemed at the pub for a pint!

Matter AR by Hot Dark Matter is an augmented reality app that allows you to build custom assets and then place them at locations IRL using your smartphone’s camera. Build with Niantic's Visual Positioning System (VPS) the app has the power to determine a user’s position and orientation with centimetre-level accuracy — in seconds - and place the asset at that location for others to find.

Using this tech we placed the Eggs in positions around the Covent Garden area to be picked up by the app. Its multiplayer functionality allowed our team to explore the area and solve clues and uncover hidden digital prizes collectively. In addition, our team were able to customise their own eggs using the easy-to-use build functionality, creating a bespoke and unique experience.

To take part in the Easter egg hunt, players had to download the app and follow the map we provided. The map showed the rough location of the Easter eggs and provided clues to help participants find them.

When they arrived at the location of the egg, participants had to then film the area using the app, which would then text hidden challenges or clues once submitted and verified. These challenges ranged from simple puzzles to more complex challenges, such as identifying a specific street performer or finding a hidden statue.

Once a participant had completed the challenge, they were rewarded with a digital Easter egg that could be redeemed at the pub for a free pint of beer!  The eggs were then saved at the VPS locations, and participants could find them sat in there at any time during a set time period.

More to follow in this space. Meanwhile, we can’t wait to start running activations like this with brands we work with.

Matter AR by Hot Dark Matter is now available on the App Store and we recommend you give it a try as the possibilities are endless!