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Campaign retrospective: Five powerful Mother’s Day ads we’ve loved over the years

Mother's Day Roses.

With the arrival of Mother’s Day, it goes without saying that maternal bonds, influences or anyone who is seen as a mother figure, are so important in our lives. Here, we take a look back in time at some of our favourite Mother’s Day campaigns, with authenticity always at the forefront. 

1. Procter & Gamble ‘Thank You, Mom’

Back in 2012, Procter & Gamble released their Mother’s Day campaign during the Olympics, creating an impactful message that many will still remember today. The heart of the film presents different mothers behind soon-to-be athletes, showing how they helped and nurtured them to become who they are today. The tagline for the campaign was ‘The hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world. Thank you, Mom.’ They also utilised the content to show that Procter & Gamble are a supportive and empathic company for mothers, with the addition of ‘Proud sponsor of Moms.’ 

2. Google Home Hub ‘#HeyMom!’

Two years ago, Google created their #HeyMom campaign. Within this ad, we get to see kids (both young and old) going to their mom to ask for either advice or help on a bunch of random things. We always know we can count on our mum when we need anything, and that’s what makes this campaign so powerful. Google have been smart with this, since now we regularly count on Google, when we need to ask a question. Pretty clever, huh?

3. Kraft ‘Swear Like a Mother’

Kraft’s ‘Swear Like a Mother’ campaign from 2017, played on the idea that most parents aren’t always a perfect example for their kids. This created a reminder to resonate with, showing that mothers don’t have to be perfect all the time, therefore building an emotional connection between Kraft and their target audience.

4. Pandora ‘The Unique Collection’

Next up, Pandora’s ad from 2015, which is amazing because it feels so authentic. Within the ad, children are blindfolded and need to pick out their mum from a line-up of women. The kids, of course, touch their hands and hair to try and find her, capturing the little things that make their bond so special. It also adds a form of tension, because we don’t know until the end if the kids make the right choice.

5. Samsung ‘Texts from Moms’

This campaign from 2015, made a lot of people laugh since it felt so familiar, bringing that ‘I know that feeling’ reaction. The ad had people scrolling through a selection of typical texts they’d received from their mums. Some of the texts that caught our attention were attempts to join in on popular social media slang, including a blank text and random messages about avocados. The main line in the campaign was ‘This Sunday, give her a call.’ Even though you could consistently see the Samsung logo, they didn’t push a product, instead they went with a lighter approach and created more brand awareness.