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Super Bowl 2022: Big game ads coming in strong


It’s nearly that time again. One of the biggest, annual sporting events is due to arrive. You guessed it, the behemoth that is Super Bowl Sunday, also known as an advertising dream. This year, 13th February to be exact, the Rams will go head-to-head against the Bengals for the hotly anticipated viewing event. 

Love it or loathe it, surrounding this one day of the year, the U.S. content that goes out pre, during and post-game is a huge deal for brands and marketers alike. Of course, we’re mainly here for the much talked about and insanely expensive commercials that air during the big game. The marketing appeal? Although figures have dropped, it remains the perfect occasion to generate brand awareness and maximise impact across a massive audience, covering all generations.  

Granted, it’s an opportunity that doesn’t crop up too frequently, with many viewers watching purely for the celebrity, influencer, or model appearances within the ads, highlighting that entertainment is always key. 

For 2022, the ad game is strong, showcasing months of strategising and mega budgets, which we’re sure will create some good old, viral memes on the internet. The brands that never disappoint include Budweiser, AT&T and Frito-Lay. Then there are the new kids on the block,, Rakuten and, all making their ad debuts. 

Over to the talent, who take the Super Bowl ads to another level. We have numerous well-known faces, featuring Megan Thee Stallion, Mila Kunis (insert heart eyes), Idris Elba, Kevin Hart, plus many more. Not forgetting halftime performances from Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Mary J. Blige and Dr. Dre. An impressive list that’s sure to set high expectations. 

Whilst a selection release full ads ahead of the game, others have been rolling out ultra-slick, buzz-building teasers to get the crowd going. Here, we’ve listed the best ads to land so far…

Doritos - Flamin' Hot ‘trailer’ Super Bowl LVI teaser 

First up, the super-snappy, ‘Unleash your Flamin’ Hot’ teaser starring Megan Thee Stallion, showing up to her on-set trailer, crunching a Doritos snack, before meeting an unwanted guest at the door. - Idris calls his legendary spokes-blokes for advice

In search of commercial inspiration, Idris calls on an advertising duo for creativity, which results in some very ambitious ideas throughout the teaser. 

AT&T - 'A lot in common' Demi Moore and Mila Kunis high school reunion

Combining Demi and Mila, both are confidently sure to be the winner of the high school’s most admired award. As both awkwardly miss out on stage, the clever ad pokes fun when Mila announces ‘we have a lot in common’ – genius. 

Pepsi - 'Road to Super Bowl LVI' with Eli Manning, Jerome Bettis, Terry Bradshaw and Victor Cruz 

With all the makings of a SB classic ad, armed with an array of Pepsi drinks and Frito-Lay snacks, these guys are all set for fun as we follow their road trip over two minutes of laughs. 

Rakuten - Big game teaser: Evil laugh 

Rehearsing a range of menacing laughing techniques in the mirror, Hannah Waddingham stars in the Rakuten teaser, leaving viewers ready for more. 

Uber Eats - Jennifer Coolidge big game teaser

Safe in the knowledge that Jennifer Coolidge with always bring the humour, Uber Eats play on the objects you really shouldn’t eat (Uber Don’t Eats) when you get them mixed up, including make-up. 

Budweiser - Super Bowl teaser

In just six seconds, Budweiser manage to build enough anticipation for what’s coming soon. Impressive. 

Sam’s Club - VIP with Kevin Hart

Kevin travels around the store with his Sam’s Club Scan & Go app, allowing him to happily miss the checkout line, whilst collecting snacks for the game. Viewers are likely to want a slice of the convenience, too. 

Lay’s - ‘Golden Memories’ Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd Super Bowl LVI commercial

Potentially our favourite in the line-up, Seth and Paul look back fondly at all the times Lay’s has been there for them.