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The future of festivals & the new normal


As many would predict, the world of festivals is unlikely to be the same again, with everyone left wondering how the ‘new normal’ will affect the industry and the process. The good news? Well, we can already tell you, festivals will remain to be the place to have the best time.

Of course, enjoying a festival or listening to music is more than just entertainment. These are often the elements and experiences that firmly hold people and societies together, thanks to their mood-boosting magic. 

However, positivity is emerging, and clarity is beginning to arise on how future plans may unfold. A great example of how festivals are likely to go ahead in 2021, has been made by the boss of Reading & Leeds and Wireless Festival, with compulsory coronavirus testing at the forefront. 

How will it potentially work for next year? You’ll only be permitted entry if you get a test. This is an expensive but interesting solution, meaning revellers could party like they’re used to, instead of adhering to social distancing, because let’s be honest, no one wants to social distance at a festival. With this new motivation, we believe people will be more than happy to get tested, if it means the fun can still go ahead. 

So, the exact plan he came up with is this:

  • Festival visitors who want to get their tickets will need to get a test and download the NHS trace test

  • Register the test in the app

  • Are the results negative? If so, you’ll get a notification that you’re COVID-19 free and this then becomes a digital permission to enter the festival

  • Before entering the festival grounds, you’ll need to show your ticket, as well as your negative test result, and you will then be permitted entry

Financially, festivals undoubtedly require a full house to make a profit. They still need to pay the artists a fair price and arrange all the rest. So, finding an effective solution really is critical and we believe this might be the one.

When the time comes, we hope they’ll have created a vaccine before the new festival season commences next year. If not, there will always be a solution!

So far, there is little conversation surrounding the losses, because it is clear to everyone that this is a unique situation and we’re all trying to find a way out of this uncertainty together. Although, one thing is for sure, we’re counting down the days to be working at, as well as enjoying, all the festivals again in 2021.