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The year that saw creativity, innovation, and survival


The TV industry for the first time in history had a global break on production. Thankfully, the industry was back up and running after a few months, but the impact this had and will continue to have will be huge.

What we did see across 2020 was businesses going into survival mode and quite rightly. Regardless of previous successes, businesses all over the world were experiencing the same thing.

We saw companies rethink their strategy from long term to short term. Markets and festivals for the industry all went virtual and teams adapted to this model quickly. The amount of Rosé drunk became less, sadly impacting many bars along the Cannes Croisette. 

COVID hit the industry and slowed it down, a big change for a fast-paced sector. However, built on quick decisions and drive they were able to adapt. From filming locations that were supposed to be international, moved to local UK towns, hiring of safety equipment, and putting someone in charge of COVID safety protocols, including testing and staff rotas. 

Towards the end of 2020, we were all given a slight glimpse of hope with the roll out of the vaccine. However, we began 2021 in lockdown once again, impacting many creative sectors further. 

How industry marketers can use this time.

  1. Adapt 

  2. Rethink 

  3. Prepare 

Adapt “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” 
Charles Darwin
An industry built on being forward thinking, focusing on November in March and the following March in June. 
Lockdowns and easing of restrictions make it harder to plan. 
The main principles of being able to adapt include resilience and flexibility. Two main traits of working in the creative sector regardless of COVID. If anyone can do it, it would be this industry. 

Right now, we are in a totally digital world. What is your digital footprint, what are your employees, stakeholders and clients seeing?
We need to use this time to think in the now to help us longer term. 
This is a great chance to rebrand, strategise and look at that endless to do list of things you never had time for previously. 

One day, and soon (crosses fingers and toes) events will return. Albeit in a different format and with a different mindset we will return to markets across the world. 

Imagine – a stage ready for you. What can you do to stand out when the time comes?How will you make changes that reflect the company’s true creativity and innovation?  We cannot ignore COVID, it has become the most used word in all conversations. That said, 2020 was not just about COVID, across the world we saw other lows but also some ground-breaking highs. We saw companies act even quicker than normal to what was happening around the world.

It was the year that TV became even more important to the world for downtime and for learning. TV shows became brands, Schitt’s Creek merchandise became part of the work from home wardrobe. Tiger King Instagram filters became a way to make your followers laugh. Bernie Sanders’ brought back mittens and the folding chair and in doing so became a revenue generating brand himself.

We witnessed more collaboration than ever and the creative industry fighting together to survive.  If you are going to set a belated new year’s resolution – I recommend you focus on celebrating the small wins that you previously ignored.