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At the heart of Paradise is a love for new experiences, new conversations & new places. Although we truly adore our heaped stack of Pipers Crisps in the corner (thank you PepsiCo) & the forever-flowing fridge of Monster Energy (again, thank you team) we decided to introduce another strand of social and cultural activity to the agency - enter #ParadiseLunchClub.

What started off last year as a small pit stop at Pizza Pilgrims or a Peri Peri extravaganza, has since morphed into a scheduled Thursday ritual with bookings made months in advance (thank you Carly) that our full agency attends.

Why do you care? Well, you may not - but we're hoping that we may help aid this mantra permeating your work, friendship groups or clubs. It's become a weekly benefit for our teams to collaborate, share and most importantly connect with other members of the agency that may not be as accessible during the day to day work schedule.

It may also better explain why your feed each Thursday will contain an increased batch of food shots, laughs & slow-motion M&S-style posts. It's not all bad though, for you foodies - we'll also tell you about our experiences and vow to give you an honest review as to whether our London lunch spot of choice should be top of your hot list.

Who knows where this goes from here? Foodie influencers? Tasting sessions? Amelia Dimz dropping us a DM? Or maybe just Martin putting some chicken wings on his IG story for fun. You'll find out at the same time as us. We'll stop now - but leave you with the wise words of Miss Trunchball - 'see you at lunch.'