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Top 5 Halloween campaigns throughout the years


1. The “creepiest condiment” by Heinz

Let’s be real, we’ve all used ketchup and pretended it was blood at least once in our lives.. (If not, you’ve been missed childhood trick) 

Now Heinz has taken this concept to the next level and created a limited edition bottle of “Tomato Blood”. Genius? We think so. They’ve also taken it interactive by encouraging customers to share photos/videos of their “blood” soaked costumes for a chance to win some limited edition glow in the dark Heinz ketchup bottles.

2. #ScaryClownNight by Burger King

From a brand perspective we always know there’s a fun competitive game going on between Burger King and McDonalds. This ad is from 2017 but shows in that everyone is welcome at Burger King, even when you're a scary clown who works for rival brand McDonalds. They even took it a bit further than just the ad and placed billboards all over town in front of McDonald's restaurants trolling them even more with this campaign.

3. Millie & Max Interactive Ghost Story by M&M’s

M&M’s went all out for this interactive social media campaign. What a way to get your audience engaged! This campaign was from 2018, they combined the best elements and walked their consumers through a series of 30 second interactive videos where you slowly discover the story of Millie and Max. The consumers were in charge since they could vote for what happened next in the stories. The haunting story kept audiences entertained for weeks.

4. A spellbinding Halloween collection campaign by Dior

Usually people think Halloween is all about the kids dressing up and going out to get candy. But Dior tapped in well on the dark, mysterious and beautiful side of Halloween. They got into the Halloween vibes a few years ago and have been using Bella as the main face for this campaign each year. The supermodel shows how to create the ultimate fabulour halloween make up look. You can see the “how to” videos on socials mentioned with the #diormakeuphalloween hashtag as well as on Dior’s youtube channel. 

5. Creepy Shadows by Guinness

Starting off with a campaign from 2009 made by Guinness, such a simple campaign but so effective! So we had to mention it in our top 5 halloween campaigns. This campaign just shows you don’t always need a massive budget to come up with a simple but genius idea. They really showed us how simple shadow-shaped coasters grabbed the attention of pub goers and generated more traffic to local pubs and bars on the scariest night of the year. Sales soared that night as many people wanted to have the special shaped coasters.