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10 ways to WIN
on social in 2022


Want to know how to tackle your brands' social media in 2022? We're here to help you not just survive the upcoming storm, but thrive in it too.

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Social commerce

Allowing your customers to transact on social platforms themselves is going to be a key factor in boosting the purchase decision-making process. Creating an attractive and frictionless process will allow amassed social followings direct access to your products in an exciting new environment.

Customer service

People love to moan. Don’t let your socials become a graveyard of negativity, so staying on top of customer feedback and direct communication is a must. Additionally, finding new ways to make customer service more accessible, fun and effective will set you above the rest.


Whether it’s entirely virtual (VR) or using the real world (AR) to amplify your message, it’s a space that’s not going away anytime soon. We expect to see extensions of ‘reality’ being used to create ever-more immersive experiences across brand marketing.


Your next star employee could be sat scrolling, waiting for that next opportunity to prove themselves in an increasingly competitive job market. Leverage your social audience to find those next brand advocates. Never know, someone might know someone.

UGC 2.0

You can produce content for your audience, but if your customers love your brand enough, they’ll be producing just as much content, usually fuelled by a natural passion. Find ways to harness this passion and promote your customers. People buy from other people after all.

... plus maybe a few other tricks 👇👇👇