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Currency Cloud

Bringing a physical touch to the world of tech.


CurrencyCloud provides an innovative API-based platform for businesses to manage international payments.

CurrencyCloud wanted to promote its brand and create a lasting impression with its clients and partners through merchandise. They approached our merchandise team with the objective of creating a range of high-quality and unique promotional items that would showcase their brand and values.

Our Approach.

The merchandise team worked closely with CurrencyCloud's marketing and developed a range of products that would appeal to their target audience and align with the brand's image. The promotional merchandise included a range of products such as branded apparel, webcam covers, notebooks, ceramic mugs, and sweets and even dog bandanas. The team worked with suppliers to ensure that the products were of the highest quality.

“I never thought we’d be producing dog bandana’s but here we are…”

The merchandise was distributed at industry events, trade shows, and conferences, providing a tangible way for people to engage with the brand and the products were well-received by CurrencyCloud's clients and partners and helped to increase brand awareness and recognition.

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