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Monster Energy

Creating millions of products for the king of energy drinks.

A selection of Monster merchandise.

Monster Energy is one of the leaders in energy drinks around the world.

Our merchandise team are tasked with the design, styling, positioning, and production of the Monster Energy merchandise range globally. A partnership that has been around for 7 years.

We have the privilege of making sure every event is amazing for Monster.

Known as one of the worldwide sponsors and curators of extreme sports events, we feel privileged each year to be responsible for making sure that across the whole of EMEA markets every event has an amazing impact with brand exposure through large POS, ambassador/ sponsorship pieces as well as the infamous crowd giveaways.

Monster can cooler.
A double-sided board with Monster branding.
A Monster-branded bandana.
Monster drip mat, XL size.
Monster VIP lanyard.
Monster closed ice bucket.
Monster sweat band.
Monster pin badges.
Monster keyrings.
Monster Energy premium metal pens.
Monster 3 metre parasols.

over 100+ items for 40 different countries.

With a range of over 100+ items across master and sub-brands for over 40 different countries, the project is one of our largest, with a specific focus on supply chain management end-to-end to local territories. Our production list included VIP lanyards, POS ice buckets, bar runners, flags, key rings, badges, cups, bags, umbrellas, bottles, and sweatbands.

A Monster-branded chalk board.
Monster Energy black wristband.
Monster Energy entry band.
Monster Key.
Monster weight.
Monster badge.
Monster cup.

We’re really proud to have produce over half a million items for Monster Energy this year.

Martin Dunn – Operations Director – Paradise

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