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Apparel & Gifting for Yamaha motorsport

A Yamaha MT10 motorbike in a studio lit up with red and blue.

Yamaha is an automotive race team with over 38 world championships.

We were appointed as the branded merchandise agency to produce, design, style, and position the Yamaha 2021/22 merchandise range for retail sales in showrooms across 28 territories.

Concept & Design for on a range of products in core categories.

We partnered with the motorsport giant to produce a range of products to sit within each of their core range categories; Paddock Blue, Faster Sons, Revs, Hyper-naked, Adventure, and a Special Christmas range.

Tailored product & design to sit alongside the core demographic.

Each range needed to be segmented into its own sub-brand, with different target segments. We then tailored the product & design to really sit alongside the section's core demographic. We then treated this as a rebrand identifying key patterns and trends within the current evolving market.

Researching a style both unique and functional.

We researched each demographic, making sure each product was both unique and functional. Stylistically we studied brand guidelines for each range, making sure we carried the identity of the brand through to the products so they were consistent with Yamaha’s values.

Each product we produce passes cerfification for sale in Europe.

Strict regulations for products circulating in Europe mean each of our partners in China, Turkey, India, and the rest of the world must have the correct certifications to manufacture and ensure each product passes the relevant tests. A list of just a couple of the different tests we operate are as follows: ISO 9001 (quality control certification), ISO14000 (Environmentally Friendly certification).

Booking in procedure.

global-reach brands means that we must have a network to suit. We run customs clearance and local delivery in over 80 countries for some clients. As there are strict requirements in place for retail clients with regard to their own warehousing and distributions we take care of SKU and barcoding at the point of manufacturing saving costs for the client. For Yamaha Motor specifically, we work closely with all of their booking-in teams and supervisors of their automated warehousing systems, together with the paperwork we support with which in turn aids their accounts teams for a streamlined finish to the supply chain.

Our global supply chain network ships to over 200 countries.

From working with some of the world's biggest brands, we ensure all the raw materials used to meet quality standards. We coordinate with factories to work on timelines from initial material to the sampling and manufacture stages. Due to strict timing requirements in place for retail clients, communication with factories and our logistics partners is crucial.

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