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Greenwich Summer Sounds

Festival branding for one of the UK’s most iconic heritage settings.


Bringing the Sound of Summer to the UK’s naval capital.

Greenwich Summer Sounds is an exceptional music festival hosted at London's historic Old Royal Naval College, nestled in the cultural heart of Maritime Greenwich. Featuring performances by 9 world-class artists and drawing a crowd of 28,000 attendees, this event spans four unforgettable nights in heart of London.

An impactful brand identity to help launch the offering.

Paradise is well-acquainted with the festival scene. Our expertise lies in crafting impactful marketing strategies that not only boost ticket sales but also establish an accessible, flexible, and scalable brand identity. This approach is central to our ethos and guides everything we do.

A fresh and exhilerating design language with a heritage tonality.

To connect the Old Royal College's historical setting with a contemporary theme, we sought a treatment that bridged the two worlds. Our preliminary research highlighted the strong presence of nautical and naval graphic language in the collective consciousness.

Leveraging this awareness, our team seamlessly merged these graphics and stylistic elements to create a distinctive brand language.

“We love our GSS brand look and feel - a truly smart visual identity.”

Head of Marketing - Greenwich Summer Sounds

A versatile palette and brand mechanic across the full media mix.

With our dynamic and fluid shapes and an electrifying orange palette, we curated a cohesive brand experience that seamlessly integrated into every facet of the festival. From striking signage to captivating social media posts, from artist announcements to stage designs, our brand language unified the festival's identity across all touchpoints.

A logo in multiple colour ways to handle all forms of brand placement.

We aimed to forge a logo mark that exuded confidence, boldness, and captured the essence of our naval theme. This distinctive mark combs through merchandise, ticketing, on-site signage, and even graced the grandeur of the main stage.

One iconic brand identity package.

We offer a smart and effective solution called BrandPad for seamless internal brand communication. This cohesive brand deck consolidates rules, usage guidelines, downloads, templates, and creative assets in one convenient location. Explore the GSS package by clicking here.

A strategic brand creation - culminating in over 28,000 attendees.

Our captivating brand presence spread across various media channels, effortlessly catching attention through paid social media campaigns, strategic placement in London's outdoor spaces, and countless physical elements at the event itself.

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