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Grey Goose

Helping Bacardi attract a new audience using their victorious ‘Live Like’ mantra.

A man casually standing at an apartment kitchen bar in front of Grey Goose vodka.

We helped Grey Goose tap into Gen Z culture by shifting the narrative.

Life is full of moments, big and small, planned and spontaneous, and those moments need something worthy of the occasion. We worked with Grey Goose to develop a series of 'always on' digital content for the 2020 'Live Like' campaign to drive conversation around the brand.

How can Grey Goose become more accessible? By changing the narrative.

Driving a youthful narrative around socialising and drinking at home made Grey Goose more accessible to younger generations.

Creative approach with social narrative. A concept was born.

“Live Like you need bigger speakers” combined the concept of socialising and enjoying time with friends. The shoot was set in an East London apartment following the journey of an unexpected arrival of a group of friends, with a vibrant atmosphere for socialising at home.

The brief was to create a framework that really resonated with Gen Z.

…and the Paradise team delivered exactly that. “We wanted our creative to feel energetic and vibrant whilst sitting comfortably within the Grey Goose 'Live Victoriously' landscape” – Nick Jekyll, Creative Director, Paradise Agency

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