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NBCUniversal x Hayu

Brand strategy to connect reality platforms with their audience.

A group of people on the sofa watching a television in suspense in the early evening. The group is young but diverse.

We helped NBCUniversal’s biggest Reality TV SVOD ‘Hayu’ connect with their audience.

We established the 'Moments' campaign - a global marketing campaign devised to bring Hayu closer to their audience. Highly relatable, everyday moments visualised across TVC, OOH, social and radio to drive a direct connection to the brand - outside of traditional show marketing.

“Hayu subscribers have a unique emotional connection, with viewers cherishing their viewing experience and escapism.”

Richard Howard, SVP, Marketing

A series of relatable, humorous and on-brand Hayu moments.

We worked closely with internal Hayu teams to develop a campaign that hit multiple touch-points, driving emotional connection for their viewers. From binge watching during your morning routine, through to ditching your boyfriend for a night with the Kardashians.

Campaign concept & strategy through to full production output.

It's been a wild ride. Our production team filmed across six different London locations to create our Hayu moments. From set building bath tubs to relatable home environments and everything in between. We even brought in Biscuit the dog to make our 'ditch-the-bra' moment super relatable.

Owning pink like never before - because when you think pink, you think Hayu.

We obsessed over the connection between the brand color and how this drives emotional connection. Bringing this to life through animated gradients and large static washes.

A true end-to-end integrated experience delivering a real emotional brand connection.

Easily applicable on a global scale making it accessible across all territories to generate worldwide conversation. We shot every device with a green screen application, allowing us to switch out various ‘hero’ shows into each of the moments depending on the territory.

Results & campaign highlights.

Our campaign met all objectives – notably impacting perceptions of and interest in Hayu. The global campaign feedback confirmed that the campaign creative resonated with the target audience, being liked/loved by 6 in 10 cohorts and was felt to be exciting and “for people like me”. Those exposed to the campaign re-appraised Hayu – with strong uplifts in perceptions of fun, affinity and value.

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