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Pepsico x Pipers Crisps Merch

Manufacturing Eco-Friendly Merchandise for Pipers Crisps

a packet of Wild Thyme and Rosemary Pipers crisps on a wooden breakfast table.

Pipers Crisps is a British heritage brand producing quality crisps using locally sourced potatoes & ingredients known for its commitment to sustainability.

Pipers Crisps approached our creative team with a brief to manufacture eco-friendly merchandise for their brand. They wanted to showcase their commitment to sustainability and British heritage through the merchandise.

Our strategy.

Our team focused on the client's British heritage values while designing the merchandise. We chose some rustic effect bamboo as the main material for bowls, and coasters as it is sustainable and eco-friendly. We also used cotton for bags and blankets, as it is a natural and biodegradable material. Additionally, we sourced all materials locally to reduce the carbon footprint.

Delivering the Pipers provenance message and growing the community by 18%

Our team successfully manufactured all the requested merchandise, and the client was extremely pleased with the final products. They were impressed with the high-quality materials used and the attention to detail in the design. The client was also happy with our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and source materials locally.

Our creative team successfully produced eco-friendly and British heritage merchandise for Pipers Crisps. By using sustainable materials and sourcing locally, we were able to highlight the client's commitment to sustainability while staying on-brand. The client was extremely happy with the final products, which were well-received by their customers. Overall, it was a successful project that showcased our team's creativity and commitment to eco-friendliness.

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