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Reign Body Fuel

Creative marketing for heavy lifting brands.


How do we showcase working out through product product marketing?

With a target demographic of heavy lifters and a serious commitment to the workout. Reign was keen on a creative merchandising execution that elevated this messaging to their 20-30-year-old unisex audience.

Paradise developed a range of product for both workout and recovery.

Breaking the stigma of Reign being purely about the heavy lifting, we wanted to bring in 2 ranges. Concepts, design, branding and production of a full merchandising range and their journey into the market.


Ideation, design, branding & production, covering end to end campaign.

Kicking off with our pre & training range - resistance bands, sweatbands, water bottles. And into our recovery range with massage guns, foam rollers and luxury transport bags.

Working closely to conceptualise and create a seamless production.

A brand message can often be diluted through product - especially in the events and promo space. Our understanding of brand & design as well as manufacture was a primary key to success on this project.

A global supply chain, ensuring events and their audiences don’t miss out.

We co-ordinate with factories to work on timelines from initial materials to the sampling and manufacture stages. Our shipping teams works closely with the logistics network - meaning we are able to ship to over 200 countries.

Ready to level up your brand?

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