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Snug Sofa x Idea FarmX

Getting comfy with Snug & Chris Hughes.


A sofa so comfy, you’d better take out a prenup just in case.

We partnered with the fantastically creative brains at Idea Farm to produce this cheeky little ad for 'ultra comfy' Snug Sofa's. Chris Hughes took the lead as our relationship guru, desperate to keep hold of his new sofa.

A disruptive, humorous and highly effective slice of influencer brand marketing.

We worked closely with both brand and talent - ensuring a real balance between viral humour and communication of the key brand message. Snug are known as a highly experimental, fun and flexible brand when it comes to their marketing. So it was privilege to be trusted with bringing this concept to life, and delivering it to their audience.


“Having spent a full day sat on The Cloud Sundae, I know just how comfy it is - there’s no doubt you’ll want to hold on to it.”

Chris Hughes, Love Island, Influencer

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