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Prollenium UK

Building a familiar brand in a different country through social.


Prollenium are a global aesthetics brand establishing themselves in the UK market.

Prollenium were searching for a partner based in the UK to assist them in establishing a UK presence across social. The goal was to create high-quality aesthetic content for these channels and manage the community for both B2B and B2C audiences.


We made a comprehensive social content strategy to rejuvenate Prollenium's brand, resonating with audiences and building a strong community. Carefully crafted content, curation, and engagement targeted B2B and B2C audiences with high-quality aesthetic content. Leveraging social media, We aimed to establish Prollenium as a trusted source, fostering brand awareness, loyalty, and growth in the UK market.


We established a branded presence and created a library of creative content while implementing an engaging strategy for community building. Our in-house creative team utilized existing brand guidelines and fresh design concepts to capture brand messaging, produce relatable content, and post according to a strategic calendar. This approach aimed to engage both existing and new audiences effectively.

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