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CYT x Joy Wine

Helping launch the most joyous new wine brand to GenZ.


Joy - a brand new wine offering from CYT aimed at the Gen Z market.

As many drinks brands do, marketing a product born from established stock to a younger, more sceptical audience can feel daunting, uncertain and frankly alien to most.

But for those brave enough to diversify and rebuild their brand it can also be revitalising, hugely rewarding and bloody exciting all at the same time! Enter the #WorldOfJoy

A slice of success with your Gen-Z and tonic?

But just how joyous are the Gen-Z audience.

We spent time unpacking how, what and where our audience consumes media. Where they play, what they drink, and their appetites for new brands. Who they trust, and their interests. What brings them true joy.

Only by being armed with our map of this fresh new audience, were we able to help CYT drive a fresh new marketing initiative and take Joy Wine to market.

Gatecrashing a portfolio of highly respected heritage wines.

Naturally, we wanted to help the brand separate from other wines in the portfolio. As Joy says a happy farewell to stuffy old wines, notes of plum and products that require a dictionary to actually pronounce them. We used the below tongue-in-cheek creative to gain confidence and buy-in from retailers. (Proudly winning ASDA’s £200k Merchants Den marketing competition at the same time.)

A joyous partnership, utilising our full agency expertise.

Brand teams to e a creative vision for the product, social experts to roadmap a digital-first strategy driving awareness and conversion, experiential for liquid on lips and our wider product teams to elevate the full brand experience.

“We wanted to create a brand that truly redefined how Gen-Z feel about wine.”

Carly Dunne, Head of Creative

A vibrant, joyous and youthful brand direction.

A vibrant, youthful brand direction building upon their previously established logo and packaging.

Driving traffic to the #WorldOfJoy - a bespoke digital experience.

Driving brand awareness and store locator functionality - we set up a targeted paid strand of activity to drive consumers to a brand-centric website.

Armed with a juicy brand, sassy TOV and colorful identity - where to?

We built an end-to-end marketing strategy. Market entry, influencer-driven campaigns, always-on paid, merchandise, competitions and a forward-thinking 3-year plan on how to make the most joyous impact possible.

In a rush? Here’s Joy - in 5 minutes.

A social-first strategy we named ‘The Regular Sip’.

Because that’s exactly how we want our audience to digest our content. A community full of joyous moments, messages and lifestyle content they can relate to. All subtly underpinned by sales drivers to ASDA and the in-store experience.

Calling all influencers! It’s time for wine.

How do you make an immediate splash on social whilst generating an ever-green bank of content in a cost-effective manner?

Precisely the question we asked ourselves. The answer - we hosted an influencer-only event named ‘The Drop’.

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