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WB's Harry Potter Forbidden Forest

Product experiences for the most magical brand in the world.

Ravenswood Key Art for Harry Potter Forbidden Forest, showing visitors in front of Harry fighting off the dementors.

Truly magical merchandise for a global fanbase.

Ravenswood Experiences and Fever Tickets offer magical forest walk experiences as licensed partners of Warner Brothers on the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts franchises. We collaborated with their teams to design, develop, and produce a full range of retail merchandise for their three-month “Harry Potter & The Forbidden Forest Experience”.

Our 2023/24 range.

We produced & manufactured branded merchandise for the Forbidden Forrest Experience 23/24. The range harnessed the addition of new collections such as a ‘Luna Lovegood’ & “Death Eater’ products range. We also developed a range of seasonal goods alongside a custom moulded lanterns & snow globes.

This range is live across all sites globally, including the new location, Dallas, TX.

A fully bespoke and cohesive range, built for a global fanbase.

We improved the quality and innovation of merchandise for a major event, collaborating with the Warner Brothers team to design high-quality products. The event expanded to multiple locations across the UK, Europe, and the US, requiring a powerful logistics and distribution network. Our team produced a wide range of merchandise appealing to multiple demographics, distributed globally through a production process spanning the UK, Europe, and China.

Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Glow Cup.
Forbidden Forest merchandise.
Large keyrings in the shape of wooden tree rings.
A large glow in the dark lanyard.
Zoomed glow in the dark lanyard.
Three woolly hats.
Light-up bracelets with Harry Potter details.
Forbidden Forest notepad.
Notepad with corner details showing various Harry Potter symbols.
Patch badges.
various Forbidden Forest pin badges.
Pin badge with the various houses.
Glow in the dark patronus.
Various pin badges including Slytherin and the other houses.
A bronze colored heated cup.
A Forbidden Forest bag and notebooks.
A blue scarf flung over a shoulder.
A Forbidden Forest black tote bag.
A black water bottle with a wooden top.
A water bottle with Aragog artwork.
Different colored water bottles – green, pink, black.
A green water bottle.
Green water bottle held up.
Pink water bottle.
Transparent lanyard.
Transparent badge holder.

A range of scaling prices through low/mid/high.

Our merchandise offerings included low-priced mementos, mid-priced licensed gift shop products, and premium garments with exclusive and appealing themes for event attendees.

Pink water bottle with characters.
A black cupholder.
Black hoodies showing different houses.
Black notepad with neon patronus and other characters.
Various notepads.
A ravenclaw kids tshirt.
Pink hoodie.
Forbidden Forest brown badge.
Forbidden Forest gloves with glow in the dark finger tips.
Dark blue Gryffindor hoodie.
Dark blue Gryffindor hoodie front.
Dark blue gloves.
Biege tote bag.
Blue scarf.
A knitted hat with a Forbidden Forest badge on the front.
A teal thermal mug.
Various knitwear.
A woman modelling a blue Harry Potter Forbidden Forest hat.
A wooden keyring held up against a forest background.
Blue woolly hat.
A high vis jacket with the Forbidden Forest logo on the front.
A green Forbidden Forest jacket.
Back view of a green Forbidden Forest jacket.
Blue mits with cat eyes.
Blue Forbidden Forest cups lit up from the inside.

Delivery on a global scale, with seamless production across Europe & the U.S.

Paradise created cohesive merchandise ranges that targeted different demographics and offered different price points for a major event. We gained a stronger understanding of the event and created a range of products featuring 'hero' interactions and related character artwork.

“The event-specific merchandise was top-selling in all retail stores.”

We researched and improved successful product ranges based on data from previous retail sales, demographic and localisation research. We then developed product visuals with Warner Brothers artwork assets and held bi-weekly meetings with their LA creative team. Stock management tools helped forecast repeat orders, resulting in the most successful product range sold at each site.

“So good we had product review ‘unboxing’ videos by fans online.”

Best selling range of merchandise ever produced for the event, over $4 million in sales, across the season, a huge increase in customer satisfaction of products, saved tens of thousands of £GBP because of smart imports and distributions for the client.

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