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Pipers Social

Taking Pipers from challenger brand, to successful Pepsico acquisition.

A box of packed potatoes.

Pipers are a premium crisp brand crafted from the finest ingredients.

Pipers produce high-quality, flavour-focussed artisan crisps for a discerning audience of ‘life crafters’ – a group that falls within ABCD-1 demographics. They’re sold through a retail network of supermarkets, pubs, delis and farm shops—a callback to where they started.

Our Mission was to help make Pipers an investable entity.

…which attracted the attention of Pepsico. We created a brand stand-out and made a noise that sent reverberations around the industry. The brand was changing hands, but the task was not to let it become a corporate property—instead, set the personality and tone that would attract a new customer whilst not alienating the existing fanbase.

Creating culturally relevant, community-modelled content.

We wanted the product in both a physical and digital environment so our strategy majored in events and social media. We created culturally relevant, community-modelled content and invented a series of touchpoints where we could put tempting, delicious snacks in front of hungry eyes with a regular tempo and consistent frequency.

Heritage & humanisation, Pipers Crisps is not owned but borrowed.

The brand is not only a commodity traded by big parent companies, it started with love and passion that carries on. Our social team understands that Pipers Crisps is a heritage brand—not owned but “borrowed”.

Capitalise trending months with seasonally relevant content.

We capitalised on trending months that already had a substantial audience swell and conversation building. This allowed us to tap into trends and social chatter to have an opinion at a time that mattered.

The product was always the hero of the story.

Regular product positioning was at the forefront of all of our storytelling… keeping it omnipresent, always on and always relevant.

Relevant cultural content and moment-in-time marketing.

We targeted specific communities at specific times to get the conversation rolling—when it was already moving—carefully adding flavour when it was called for.

Pipers crisps in a farm box on a shelf with a tote bag hanging next to it.
Pipers Crisps lined up in a marquee style tent with wooden crates.
Pipers Crisps stall with various teenagers sitting on the grass under the sun.

Regular returning favourites, “the usual, please”

Serialised content streams that would return in an episodic format for an expectant audience we knew were waiting and eager to engage.

We made paid advertising campaigns pay for themselves.

Return on ad spend was analysed for every penny made. We used “Paid” to amplify content that was already working to make it really fly!

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